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Academic Framework

At Sanjay Ghodawat University, the curricula is based on teaching learning process that involves the planning and implementation of instructional activities and teaching experiences to meet intended learner outcomes. SGU facilitates and encourages learners to attain all intended learning outcomes providing quality and innovative classroom teaching. The execution of curricula is framed on the following key points .

  • Calendar of Events (Both at University and School Level)
  • Calendar of Activities (Programme Level)
  • Work Load Distribution based on Faculty Competency Matrix
  • Key Performances for the Department
  • Annual Report of achievements in KPI
  • Preparation of Course Plans, Academic Diaries and Course Files
  • Weekly Syllabus Completion Review
  • Attendance monitoring (Fortnightly)
  • Letters to Parents about the Performance and attendance
  • Faculty Feedback System Students
  • Continuous Assessment Tests
  • Students Mentoring
  • Result Analysis and Remedial Activity Planning
  • Scholarships to University Rankers and Institute Toppers
  • Faculty Performance Appraisal

The curricula of various schools and programmes have been prepared through wide consultation by the Board of Studies, Academic Council, and Advisory Committee. The course outcomes of each course stimulate the students to acquire various levels of knowledge and skills while undergoing the course. The curriculum has well designed integrated courses that possess built in modules and enhance the student learning process with flexible choices for electives at school level and university level. The detailed academic regulations have been mentioned in the attached booklet.

Students can find curriculum structure, academic rules and regulations, exam pattern and other matters related to your course in Teaching- Learning manual attached along with