Department of Mathematics

  • Mathematics
    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (B.Sc - Mathematics)
    • Master of Science in Mathematics (M.Sc - Mathematics)

      The department has highly qualified and well experienced faculty members. By the means of advanced computer lab, student can develop their programming skill by practicing in various software viz. MATLAB, Mathematica, Origin, Mappel, Sage, WxMaxima, C/C++, latex etc. The department of Mathematics aims to train people who are oriented towards research and teaching in both fundamental and advanced areas of Mathematical Sciences.

      Program Content

      Core Courses

        • Linear Algebra
        • Real Analysis
        • Multivariable Calculus
        • Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics
        • Ordinary Differential Equations
        • Algebra – I
        • Topology
        • Measures & Integration
        • Partial Differential Equations
        • Complex Analysis
        • Functional Analysis
        • Numerical Analysis
        • Probability Theory
        • Algebra – II
        • Linear System Theory
        • Operations Research

        Elective Courses

      • Lattice theory-I
      • Fuzzy Mathematics
      • Number theory
      • Fourier analysis
      • Lattice theory-II
      • General relativity
      • Stochastic differential equations
      • Integral equations
    • Ph. D. in Mathematics