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  • Faculty Coordinators
    Mr.Gurunath Machhale
  • President
    Manmohan Zanwar
  • Secretory
    Yash Rane
  • Our vision for the Game Development Club is to become a hub of innovation and creativity, providing a platform for sssstudents to unleash their imaginations and develop their skills in game design, programming, storytelling, art, and all other aspects related to the gaming industry. We aim to nurture a supportive environment where members can collaborate, learn from one another, and create compelling interactive experiences that captivate audiences.

The primary mission of the Game Development Club is threefold:

  • Learning and Skill Development: We intend to offer workshops, seminars, and hands-on sessions to equip members with the essential knowledge and technical expertise required to create games. Through mentorship programs, we will facilitate the growth of our members, regardless of their level of experience, and encourage them to push the boundaries of game development.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: We understand that game development is a multidisciplinary process, requiring diverse talents and skills. The club will encourage collaboration between students from different academic backgrounds, promoting teamwork to bring together art, design, programming, sound, and writing to create complete and engaging gaming experiences.
  • Community Engagement: As a club, we will actively engage with the broader student community and beyond. We plan to organize gaming events, competitions, and charity drives to raise awareness about the gaming industry and its potential positive impact. Additionally, we aim to connect with industry professionals to provide networking opportuni
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