Department of Aerospace Engineering

About Department


I am delighted to introduce and warmly welcome you to the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Sanjay Ghodawat University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

Our mission is to mould Aeronautical Engineering undergraduates through world class education, sustained research in aeronautical technologies leading to patents and research publications, promoting entrepreneurship and enhance interactions with industry. The department boasts enthusiastic faculty and talented staff members who are experts in their areas of interest.

Mr.Sulthan S.,
Assistant Professor & Head

About Aeronautical Engineering Department
  • Aeronautical engineering is primarily concerned with the design, analysis and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • B-TECH in Aeronautical Engineering begins with courses that give you an excellent grounding in both engineering and calculus-based physics.
  • Use software to build models and analyze real aerospace parts and systems; and design, build, and test your own model airplane or rocket.
  • Subfields include aircraft maintenance, aerodynamics, aircraft structures, flight controls, and propulsion systems.
  • Students who choose to earn an aeronautical engineering degree at SGU are part of a prestigious program that consistently receives accolades, at a university that is ranked in the nation’s top tier.
  • Research projects and relevant hands-on workshops in the classroom involve concepts and systems at the forefront of engineering.
  • Aeronautical engineering internships and research projects include such diverse areas as:

    • Aircraft maintenance
    • Structural dynamics
    • Flight Controls
    • Wind tunnel testing and experimentation
    • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Computer-aided design
    • Aircraft and Rocket propulsion system
    • Aerodynamics
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    • Composite Materials

    With experience gained from aeronautical engineering internships and research, SGU’s students culminate their SGU undergraduate careers with comprehensive capstone senior design projects. These projects give students the experience of working in teams to address real-world issues and create innovative solutions through the design, development, prototyping, and presentation of a complex engineering system.

    Examples of these student projects include:

    • Numerical and experimental analysis of baseline airfoil with and without dimples.
    • Numerical and experimental investigation of different airfoils.
    Career Outlook

    Graduates with an aeronautical engineering degree from SGU are eagerly recruited by employers, including:

    • Infosys, Bangalore.
    • Capgemini, Bangalore
    • STAR AIR, Kolhapur
    • Carvar Aivation, Pune
    • BAIL, Bangalore
    • Taneja Aerospace and aviation Ltd, Hosur
    • Quest Global, Belgaum
    • Axis Cades, Bangalore
    • Agni Adventure Aerosports Academy
    • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
    • National Aerospace Limited
    • DRDO
    • ISRO
    • Indian Airforce
    • CSIR
    • GKN Aerospace
    • Collins Aerospace
    • Airbus
    • Boeing
    • Safran Aerospace
    • Sonavision
    • DGCA
    • Airport Authority of India
    • Alliance Air, Air India
    • Airworks India
    • Indomour
    Career Options

    Aeronautical engineering degree graduates typically specialize in one of two types of engineering: Design & Analysis and Aircraft Operations & Maintenance, leading to such jobs as:

    • Aerodynamics engineer.
    • Aircraft Design Engineer.
    • Technical Engineer in Airlines.
    • Aircraft Structural Analyst.
    • Aero Propulsion Engineer.
    • Aircraft Technical Author in Publications.
    • Quality Engineer in Aircraft Material Testing.
    • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.
    • CAMO Officer
    • Planning Engineer
    • Performance Engineer
    • Ground Instructor
    • Aerospace product and parts designer.
    • Research and Development in Space Research Organization.