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School of Commerce

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The School of Commerce and Management strives to create courses and programmes which reflect the University’s values goals and mission. This will provide an excellent experience for students to learn, discover and fulfill their true potential.

The school is committed towards creating, preserving and imparting internationally benchmarked knowledge & skills to a diverse community of students. The School apart from providing a variety of opportunities for students to improve their employability is, capitalizing on the industry and academic experience of its faculty to prepare students to work effectively in today’s complex and challenging business environment.

The syllabus is designed in a manner that the students would learn something new which will enhance their knowledge base. It will be designed in a manner which will not only give the theoretical knowledge but also give hands-on practical exposure and industry know-how to the students.. Use of tutorials, assignments, debates, quizzes, presentations, casestudies, live projects, simulations and many more modern tools will promote the learning quotient among the students.

  • To be among globally acclaimed B-schools by developing transformational leaders through competencies, conviction and value creation for sustainable development.
  • To become a dynamic and responsive business school which strives for sustainable growth
  • To bridge the gap between corporate expectations and academic delivery to prepare future ready management professionals
  • Contribute to management knowledge through research for societal concern.
  • To make a difference in society through transformational education, innovation, value creation, knowledge creation and enhancing employability.
  B.Com - General
Three Years
  Ph.D. in Commerce
PO's - B.Com.
  • PO-1. Demonstrate analytical and problem solving skills within various disciplines of commerce.
  • PO-2. Analyze current events in commerce with attention to the global, social, and ethical dimensions of events.
  • PO-3. Acquire communication, research and technological skills needed to analyze a commerce situation.
  • PO-4. Imbibe ethical principles that allow them to work ethically and professionally.
  • PO-5. Prepare for Post Graduate studies and to achieve success in their professional careers.
  • PO-6. Equip with professional interpersonal and entrepreneur skills.