Department of Mechanical Engineering


Faculty Publications in International Journal
  • Mr. AkshayPotdar, “Optimization of Friction Drilling Process by Response Surface Methodology”, Published in “Springer international journal of Advanced Engineering Optimization Through Intelligent Techniques”, Vol.949,pp.351-359, ISBN-978-981-13-8196-6-31, Jul-19
  • Mr. S. V. Dhanal, “Study of the effect of mechanical alloying on the structure of Ni-Mn-Sn Heusler alloy”, Published in “The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers and Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature 2020, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 34 (1) 2020, Vol34 (1) (2020) 149-154.July-Nov-19
  • Abhijit A. Patil, Dr. U. C. Kapale,“Experimental Study On Augmentation For Laminar Flow Heat Transfer Of Ucscj Through A Circular Vertical Pipe Fitted With Equispaced Tape Inserts” published in “International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD)” ISSN(P): 2249–6890; ISSN(E): 2249–8001 Vol. 9, Issue 3, Jun 2019, 1821–1834,SCOPUS Indexed Journal
  • Dr. S. V. Khandal Augmented Turbulence for Progressive and Efficient Combustion in Biodiesel–Diesel Engine published in “Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, ISSN 2193-567X, Jun-19
  • Dr. S. V. Khandal& Dr. V. A. Raikar An experimental-based artificial neural network performance study of common rail direct injection engine run on plastic pyrolysis oil”published in “International Journal of Sustainable Engineering” indexed in Scopus, Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), and the Web of Science, Taylor & Francis,‘Received 12 Jul 2019, accepted 14 May 2020, Published online: 07 Jun 2020
  • Mr. P. V. Kulkarni An overview of the formation of fibre waviness and its effect on the mechanical performance of fibre reinforced polymer composites” published in Elsevier Journal of “Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing”Volume 137, October 2020, 106013, Impact Factor-6.283
Faculty Publications in National Journal
Faculty Publications in International Conference
  • Dr. V. V. Kulkarni, Virendra Manohar Patil, “Application and design for manufacturing & Assembly for plane bending fatigue testing machine” published in“International conference on “Recent research emerging Trends in Material & Mechanical Engineering” organized by Reva University, Bengluru,India on 12th & 13th July 2019
  • Dr. V. V. Kulkarni,Mr. Pravin Kulkarni, “Design and Development of Plane Bending Fatigue Testing Machine” published in “international conference on Fatigue, Durability and Fracture Mechanics” organized by “Visvesvaraya Technological University,Belgavi, Karnataka” on 29-31 August 2019
  • Dr. V. V. Kulkarni, Mr. N. V. Sabnis, Mr. S. M. Ingale, Mr. N. S. Desai, Mr. Swapnil Hirikude, Ms.Pritam Patil “Outcome-Based Education-A Case study on Project Based Learning” published in “international conference on 2019 IEEE Tenth International Conference on Technology for Education(T4E)” organized by Goa University on 9th- 11th December 2019
  • Mr. S. V. Dhanal, “Synthesis & Structural studies of Ni-Mn based Heusler shape mamory alloys” published in “Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Materials” ISBN-978-0-7354-1907-0, 29th Oct 2019, Page No. 20002-1 to 20002-7
Faculty Publications in National Conference
Student Publications Details for the Academic Year 2019-20
  • Mr. A. A. Mutwalli (SYBTECH Student) “Implementation of Observations Skills Regarding Safety and Cleanliness in Small Scale Industry” published in “Journal of Industrial Mechanics” MAT Journal of Industrial Mechanics, Volume 4Issue 1, Jul-19