Department of Mechanical Engineering


Faculty Publications in International Journal
  • Mr. Pratap Vishwas Patwardhan & Dr. Abhijit A. Patil “Review of recent advancement in Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System” Published in “International Journal of Engineering Science Invention (IJESI) ISSN (Online): 2319-6734, ISSN (Print): 2319-6726 ||Volume 10 Issue 6 Series III || June 2021 || PP 14-18
  • Satyajeet U. Manugade1, Sanjaykumar M. Ingale “The Effect of Cutting Parameters on the Surface Quality of Different Workpiece Materials for Turning Operation on CNC Machine” published in “Research and Reviews on Experimental and Applied Mechanics Volume 4 Issue 1, HBRP publication, Page 1-7DOI:
Faculty Publications in National Journal
  • Nil
Faculty Publications in International Conference
  • Dr. V. V. Kulkarni, “MQL Machining with nano fluid: a review” published in Manufacturing Rev. 8, 13 (2021), published by EDP Sciences 2021,, Received: 14 October 2020 / Accepted: 6 April 2021, Published online 27 April 2021.Vol 8, Article No.13, Number of Pages 18.
  • Dr. V. V. Kulkarni, “Tension-tension fatigue life estimation of CFRP composites by modal testing” Published in “Materials Today: Proceedings”, Volume 46, Part 1, 2021, Pages 217-222
  • Mr. Nilesh Desai and Mr. Nilesh Sabnis, “Analysis of thermo-physical properties of SAE20W40 engine oil by the addition of SiO2 nanoparticles” Published in “Materials Today: Proceedings”, Available online 8 May 2021
  • Altaf Patvegar, “Design and development of coconut crown removal and fibre extraction machine” published in “International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Management (IJAEM)” Volume 3, Issue 6 June 2021, pp: 1237-1243, ISSN: 2395-5252, DOI: 10.35629/5252-030612371243 Impact Factor value 7.429 | ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Journal
  • S. V. Dhanal, Appasaheb N. Pandav, “Analysis of Bandsaw Swing Frame by Vibrometer and FFT” published in “International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)” Volume: 08 Issue: 06 | June 2021, e-ISSN: 2395-0056, p-ISSN: 2395-0072, Impact Factor value: 7.529 | ISO 9001:2008 Certified Journal | Page 557-560
  • Mr. Omkar Sutar & Dr. U. C. Kapale “Experimental Validation of Heat Pipe Solar Collector For Water Heating- a Review” published in “2020 Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing Conference (EDTM)” February 24, 2021
  • Mr. Prathmesh jadhav & Mr. T. B. Shinde “Various Nano Catalysts for Biodiesel Production- A Review” published in “International E-conference on Recent Developments in Engineering & Technology” organized by Dhaanish Ahmed Institute of Technology on 3rd April 2021 ICRDET 21
Faculty Publications in National Conference
  • Nil
Student Publications Details for the Academic Year 2019-20
  • Mr. A. A. Mutwalli (SYBTECH Student) “Implementation of Observations Skills Regarding Safety and Cleanliness in Small Scale Industry” published in “Journal of Industrial Mechanics” MAT Journal of Industrial Mechanics, Volume 4Issue 1, Jul-19