SGU Music Academy

'Without music life would be a mistake.'' Human beings are naturally inclined to the art of music right from the primitive times. To cater to this very human need and helps students develop overall in various aspects, the SGU Music Academy was established in the year 2015 for the students. SGU Music Academy was started with the mission. "To develop musical abilities among students and also foster an in- house musical group."

Some of the objectives of the SGU Music Academy are :

  • To bring out creativity of the students
  • Give students a chance to rewind through music
  • To develop leadership qualities among students through musical presentations
  • Learn skills like team building, cooperation, mind training, concentration etc.
  • Develop students holistically

The SGU Band affords training on instruments like: - Guitar, Mendolin, Violin, Keyboard, percussion instruments etc. Classes run daily from Monday to Saturday after hours between 5 to 7 pm.

Experienced and trained musical teachers are deployed at the SGU Music Academy.