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An Overview
Global Opportunities @ SGU

Sanjay Ghodawat University has connections with leading universities throughout the world to give students a truly global education experience. As an internationally well connected university, we not only offer student exchange program but also a number of planned transfer and articulation pathways for students who wants to pursue education abroad in countries such as USA,UK,Australia,Singapore and many more..

These programs are specifically very relevant to those who want to have a foreign degree and exposure but often due to financial constrains and lack of authentic information find it difficult SGU is one stop solution for them. From global immersion to study abroad programmes, SGU Global provides a variety of overseas experiences.

  • 1. Global Immersion Program
  • 2. International Credit Transfer
  • 3. Study Abroad Program
Global Immersion Program:

The global immersion program is a brief experiential learning intervention conducted by SGU Global to provide students international exposure. Through team activities engage students and provide a good cultural understanding with technological development, academic advancement, industrial exposure and research. The latest global immersion batch went to Melbourne and undergone training with VIT, Swinburne University of Technology and Monash University.

International Credit Transfer:

Since the student will be studying part of degree at SGU and remaining part at the partner university.Hence, compared to conventional method of studying abroad,the international credit transfer option is extremely cost efficient way of earning foreign University degree.

International Credit Transfer:

Students enrolled with SGU can start their study in one of the specialise university under articulation agreement with SGU.The study duration varies as per course selection from single semester to multiple years. After successful completion of the course student will benefited as per countries immigration policy.Study abroad program is the most effective way of changing students perspective of world.It starts from cultural adaption, climatic acclimatisation to matching with foreign education system.

The complete immersion experience of living in a different country gives you the opportunity of cultural integration along with professional, technical, academic and social development. It will add up to your intercultural and interpersonal communication abilities that will be the integral part of your professional life.It defiantly enhance your profile for long run.A student who has stepped out of his comfort zone and choose to go study abroad always stand out and catches the eyes of the prospective employer due to life skills acquired in education tenure. Students always hold a competitive advantage over other peers.

Key Features
  • 1) The international transfer is done through highly precise courses mapping such that the credit earned at SGU can be transferred to the partner/receiving International University.
  • 2) The students begin her/his studies at the SGU and completes the final degree from partner / receiving
  • 3) Upon successful fulfilment of degree requirement as mandated by the partner/receiving university, the student will be awarded degree by the host international University.
  • 4) SGU offers students a wide selection of universities in foreign countries to choose from by establishing articulation agreements with universities all around the world, the number of which is growing every year.
  • 5) The Global Engagement cell will be committed to assisting and advising the prospective students
Why SGU for Global Education
  • One of the top private university
  • Dedicated Global Engagement cell to guide students in university and course selection
  • Expert advice on visa documentation
  • High visa success stories
  • State of the Art infrastructure and expert faculties
  • International recognition in terms of research and industry tie-ups
  • Gain valuable global experience which will enhance your CV and make you more attractive to international employers
  • enjoy a wider experience of academic,technology,research and culture across the globe
  • SGU has plenty of International linkages with many abroad Universities in areas of student exchange, faculty exchange, joint research,curriculam development and educational tours for students
  • We have many distinguished faculties who have comprehensive research in their respective field with strong industry interactions to get real life industry exposure.
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MSc. Disaster Management
A Co-created Postgraduate program with Teesside University

This degree program is developed in association with Teesside University, UK and funded through British Council Going Global Partnership Grant'. The program covers modules like risk, disaster resilience, international public health, environmental management,etc.This program will equip and train you professionally in the field of disaster management,planning,finance and implementation of infrastructure resilience. The unique feature of this degree program is an opportunity to avail benefit of the semester abroad at Teesside University,UK,or can complete a semester long on-site internship in any government or NGO in resilience planning and disaster management .

Key Features :

  • Semester Abroad with Teesside University,UK or any other partner Indian university
  • Internship Opportunities with government organisations and NGOs involved in resilience planning
  • Student commence study at SGU
  • Semester Abroad at Teesside University, UK or other partner Indian university
  • Students are awarded final degree of SGU

Potential Career Opportunities :

  • Disaster Management Officer
  • Emergency Management Specialist
  • Fire Inspector
  • Disaster Recovery Manager
  • Operation Analyst
  • Public International Officer
  • And many more