School of Computer Science and Applications

About Department


Computer Science and Engineering Department is established with an aim of building creative IT professionals to acquire core knowledge and skills required by IT industry or research institutes to meet global challenges. The courses are taught by the experienced, qualified faculty, industry experts and the global researchers. The laboratories are well equipped with advanced software, high configuration computer systems for technical training and research work. Knowledge sharing sessions are conducted by experts and alumni to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology on regular basis.

Head of Department
Dr. Chetan Arage

  • To be the source for developing, socially responsible IT professionals by imparting quality education.

  • To impart high-quality, up-to-date professional training with an emphasis on basic principles of computer science and application.
  • To impart moral and ethical values, and interpersonal skills to the students.
  • To develop strong relation with software industries for developing entrepreneurship skills in students.
  • To promote real time industry-based projects to the students.
  • To facilitate students to nurture skills to practice their professions competently to meet the ever-changing needs of society.
PEOs (Program Education Objectives)
  • To impart the knowledge required for planning, designing, implementing, and testing complex software systems in IT industries.
  • To provide opportunities for acquiring in-depth knowledge of fundamental concepts and programming skills for holistic development.
  • To produce entrepreneurs who can develop customized solutions as per requirements for small and medium scale enterprises.
  • To develop the abilities to face the changing trends and career opportunities in computer application.
  • To impart professional and ethical attitude, communication skills, teamwork skills, lifelong learning, multidisciplinary approach and an ability to relate computer science and application issues with social awareness.
PSOs (Program Specific Outcomes)
  • An ability to identify real time problems and solve them using standard practices in application software, web technology, and mobile technology.
  • An ability to develop networking skills, learn application packages and modern techniques of Information Technology.