School of Architecture

About School of Architecture

The 5-year course acquaints students with necessary skills and knowledge to practice architecture while understanding the technical aspects and current needs in a creative and imaginative manner.

Architecture is concerned with the design planning and construction of other structures. There is an increase in the recognition of architecture as one of the top intellectual disciplines that combines art and technology while being closely linked with single largest sector of world economy. Architects are called to design and execute building projects and also to resolve other issues related to human environment in a different settings. They are bound to work in relation with other architects and engineers who focus on function, layout and aesthetics of building projects.

Our school focuses on the current trends for budding architects and to look into different methods of architectural design and how beneficial these traditional and modern means are when it comes to make or create a structure.

The Profession and Education of Architecture in India is regulated by the Council of Architecture, a national statutory body which is followed by the various Universities and Schools of Architecture across country.

The course involves some mandatory subject streams with elective subjects which enriches the knowledge of the students.

Our school has architectural education in two stages – first stage focuses on skill building and knowledge sharing and the second stage focuses on the application of the knowledge with the skills and further for exposure and specialization.