• Formerly known as Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions
School of Architecture

Vision & Mission

  • School of Architecture educates students who contribute to the global community through the design, construction and interpretation of the of built environment, aim to be globally acclaimed for academic excellence in theory and practice, empowering future design professionals with core values and critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, ethical behavior and learning to engage architecture in its civic, social and professionals realms for the benefit of the built and natural environment through innovative open exchange and dialogue between students and faculty. Preparing students for leadership roles in field of architecture.

    Recognizing that architecture is a basic human need, we strive to play an essential and innovative, role in enhancing the human condition. We empower students to critically engage the complexities of society and the natural environment by installing the fundamental principles of design and inspiring a spirit of exploration and creative experimentation in shaping the built environment.
  • The aim of the school is to achieve excellence in architectural design that not only needs skillful creation of forms and aesthetics but also inspirations, form and in depth bank of technical knowledge and practical know-how.
  • The most preferred destination producing futuristic globally competent and socially responsive professional architects.
  • Challenging students to develop their abilities in problem solving creative positive thinking and decision making is a focus of our professional education. It enriches multi-disciplinary teaching and research within the University and with other local and international universities.