Research & Development Center

Roadmap Towards Enhancing Quality Research

Inculcating Research bent of mind


Disseminate science and other holistic based research to key industry stakeholders through creation and distribution of academic research. Monitor ongoing research, trends, information gaps and research needs. Serve as key resource for expertise and education

To fulfill the requirements, Strategic Initiative is taken by SGU to engage faculty, under graduate and post graduate students in basic and applied research leading to innovative solutions

Following are Strategic Goals required to enhance quality of research at SGU.

Strategic Goals

  • Increase in applications to extramural funding agencies like AICTE, DST, UGC, Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission
  • Increase in winning proposals submitted to various agencies as stated in (1) above.
  • Increase in No of PhD faculty/Total faculty
  • Increase in No of PhD pursuing faculty
  • Increase in faculty H-index publications in International reputed journals (min H index 3)
  • Increase in faculty publications in journals and conferences
  • Increase in Students' publications
  • Organize National/International Conferences
  • Increase in IPR filing
  • Established a Government/Industrial funded Center of Excellence (CoE)