• Formerly known as Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions
Department of Aerospace Engineering


Students Publications
  • Sagar Anil Patil, Vishwajeet Anil Subhedar, S.V. Khandal, Balaji. K, S. Saranya. "Review on Application of Drones in Agriculture". International conference on Recent Developments in Engineering Management Sciences and Technology (ICRDET'19), Chennai (Tamilnadu) on 16th March 2019. (Under Process)
  • Vaishnavi Shivkumar Hirekodi, Jyoti Mahantesh Mangasuli, S.V. Khandal,Balaji. K. Journal Details - ISBN:978-95-87901-02-05, Title of Article - Effect of Fuel Injection Timing, Injection Pressure and Combustion Chamber Shapes on the Performance of Diesel Engine Run on Biodiesel
  • S.V.Khandal, Balaji.K, V.V.Kulkarni, N.S.Desai, Aishwarya Mukund Katkar,Shubham Rajaram Mali. Journal Details - Under Process. Title of Article - Effect of preheating the cotton seed Biodiesel on the performance of diesel engine