Pharmacy - B


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) B.Pharmacy
  • PEO1 : To provide outcome based quality education leading to the development of competitive pharmacy graduates.
  • PEO2 : To provide conducive environment and infrastructure for efficient learning, knowledge gain, skill development and interactions with industries so as to increase the inclination of students towards research and higher education.
  • PEO3 : To inculcate the professional ethics, human values and sense of responsibility making students empowered to serve efficiently for the healthcare of society.
  • PEO4 : To nurture the planning and analyzing abilities, communication skills, leadership qualities and entrepreneur capabilities
  • PEO5 : To motivate students for interdisciplinary life- long learning and promote higher aptitude level to adapt to the rapid changes in the pharmacy profession.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) D. Pharmacy
  • PEO1 : Utilise pharmacy knowledge and skills to become employable and/or entrepreneurs
  • PEO2 : Become lifelong learners
  • PEO3 : Exhibit professional ethics with excellent communication skills to contribute in community healthcare services.
Program Outcomes (POs)
  • PO1 : Pharmacy knowledge : Possess a fundamental knowledge of pharmacy required to understand the physiological and pathological variations in human body; design, develop, formulate, standardize, evaluate, manufacture drugs; its effects and selection for treatment; knowledge of administrative, ethical, and professional guidelines for healthcare.
  • PO2 : Planning ability : Plan and execute experiments, manufacturing and record keeping required in the pharmacy profession with time and resource management to meet deadlines.
  • PO3 : Problem analysis : Utilize logical and analytical thinking ability to identify, interpret and solve the problems in the pharmaceutical industry, community, research, and hospital pharmacy by applying knowledge and information systematically.
  • PO4 : Modern tool usage : Select modern tools and utilize with appropriate methods, procedures, techniques and resources for executing the demands of the pharmaceutical industry and profession.
  • PO5 : Leadership skills : Build, motivate and lead team to accomplish pharmacy professional tasks and social responsibilities vital to improving the health and wellbeing of society.
  • PO6 : The Pharmacy and society : Understand the needs of the pharmacy profession to assess societal health, safety, ethical, cultural and legal issues, and the subsequent responsibilities towards giving quality life to society.
  • PO7 : Environment and sustainability : Interpret the influence of the professional pharmacy solutions on the society and environment, and strive for sustainable development by implementing their knowledge.
  • PO8 : Ethics : Abide by Pharmacy Oath to apply professional ethics and social context for development, manufacturing, distribution and safe use of medicine eventually benefiting societal healthcare.
  • PO9 : Communication : Communicate effectively to all stakeholders and society at large by effective reports, documentation, presentations and clear instructions.
  • PO10 : Professional Identity : Evolve as a pharmacist committed to practicing ethics responsibly, for maintaining integrity which reflects professional identity and devotion towards healthcare system.
  • PO11 : Individual and teamwork : Function effectively as an individual and / or as a member in distinctive teams under the multidisciplinary environment.
  • PO12 : Self-directed and Life-long learning : Recognize the need, engage and prepare for competitive examinations through independent life-long learning and update with technological changes for a highly productive career while serving the cause of a healthy society.