Department of Chemistry


    • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (B.Sc - Chemistry)
    • Master of Science in Chemistry (M.Sc - Chemistry)

      Chemistry department offers highest academic quality that will provide a flexible and intellectually challenging learning experience, inculcate and encourage student passion.

      The department runs three courses under graduate course, postgraduate and Ph.D. course. Students will do project with some of the leading researchers in the Research Laboratories, Institutes or Industries. The department is also provided extensive, rational and in depth knowledge of Chemistry based on fundamentals and leading to a critical awareness of the most recent developments in the subject.

      Program Content

      Core Courses

        • Organic Chemistry
        • Inorganic Chemistry
        • Chemistry
        • Analytical Chemistry
        • Research Methodology
        • Organic reaction Mechanism
        • Advance Spectroscopic Method
        • Advance Synthetic Method
        • Theoretical Organic Chemistry
        • Stereochemistry
        • Natural Product

        Elective Courses

      • Heterocyclic chemistry
      • Drug Chemistry
      • Organic Chemistry
      • Bio-organic chemistry
    • Ph. D. in Chemistry