Department of English


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • PEO1 : The students will be exposed to a horizon of opportunities and can choose any career in translation, mass media, technical writing, script writing, editing, English language training etc.
  • PEO2 : The students will be able to develop a sense of curiosity and will be inspired to do research in their area of interest in Literature and Language.
  • PEO3 : The students will be able to learn various life skills to face the challenges of this highly competitive world.
Program Outcomes (POs)

    A student completing Master program will be able to:

  • PO1 : Demonstrate thorough knowledge of subject areas they study
  • PO2 : Imbibe high levels of social awareness and value their personal integrity and well being
  • PO3 : Have multi-dimensional, outstanding, practical, social and responsible personality.
  • PO4 : Assimilate skills and knowledge derived from the study of English Language and Literature for advancement of individual and the society.
  • PO5 : Articulate creative and critical thinking skills and leadership skills
  • PO6 : Develop research and reasoning skills
  • PO7 : Apply values and ideals derived from the study of literature that demonstrate awareness of current societal challenges.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)
  • PSO1 : The students will be acquainted with various literatures of the world such as Indian English literature, American literature, British literature, new literatures, Asian literature, Indian literature in translation.
  • PSO2 : Students will be able to read diverse texts within their historical and cultural contexts, developing a critical understanding of how literature can both uphold and resist existing structures of power.
  • PSO3 : Students will be able to use critical theories in their own reading and writing.
  • PSO4 : Students will be able to interpret texts with attention to the underlying themes and aesthetic values.
  • PSO5 : Students will be able to identify topics and formulate questions, identify appropriate methods and sources for research.
  • PSO6 : Students will be able to participate in critical conversations and prepare, organize, and deliver speeches in public.