School of Management


Health & Fitness Club

  • Health and Fitness Club Organises One Day Trekking Activity For MBA, BBA, B.Com Students on 26th July 2021.
  • Movie Club

    The Movie Club arranged a Movie Premier of "Pursuit of Happiness" for MBA, BBA and B.Com students on 29th September, 2017

    Art Club

  • The Arts Club organised "POSTER MAKING ACTIVITY" for MBA, BBA and Students on 9th September, 2021
  • The Arts Club organised "VANMOHATSAV 2021 - PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST" for B.Sc. Students from 16th July, 2021 to 21st July, 2021
  • The Arts Club organised a workshop on "Quilling Art" for BBA and Students on 29th September, 2017
  • Wallpaper Club

    Wallpaper Club organized the Friendship Day on 3th August, 2019.
    The day when we show our gratitude to our friends, the day when we get a chance to make new friends.
    Learning Objectives :
    1. To celebrate the very essence of friendship and togetherness
    2. To celebrate the very essence of this crazy, naughty, kind, trustworthy friendship and in the light of the World Friendship Day.
    3. To teach students about the concept of positive, healthy friendships.
    4. To consider the reasons it is important to have good friends.

    The Wallpaper Club organized Wallpaper competition on the theme of "International Tourism Day" BBA and Students on 3rd October, 2017

    Nature Club

    On the occasion of Ganapati Festival on 7th September 2019 School of Commerce and Management organised an Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol Making Competition for BBA Students. Over 100 students actively participated and made wonderful Ganesha Idols by using Eco-Friendly material like Clay, Leaves, Sticks, Turmeric, Flowers Etc. which will be enhancing their extracurricular skills, team work and managerial skills.

    On 13th July 2019 BBA and B.Com students did a wonderful job by planting 200 saplings on the hill area near chavanwadi. This activity was done in association with Social Forestation Department and School of Commerce and Management.

    The Nature Club arranged a "Best out of Waste" Club activity for BBA and Students on 4th October, 2017