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Department of Physics is established in 2017 under the School of Science at Sanjay Ghodawat University, Kolhapur. The department offers two programs Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Physics

The teachers are well qualified with Ph.D. and SET. All teachers are actively involved in the research work of various areas like atmospheric sciences, space science, nanoscience, thin film depositions by various techniques, gas sensing applications, magnetic materials, energy harvesting and storage devices. The Centre for Space and Atmospheric Science (CSAS) is under development in association with IITM, Pune (Ministry of Earth Science, Government of India). The research work related to atmospheric and ionospheric dynamics, weather and climate is pursued in the centre.

The department believes in nurturing the latent talents of the students by providing them the educational ambience, research infrastructure and research facilities. Besides this, students are also encouraged to acquire other necessary skills like interpersonal, intrapersonal, communication, leadership, event management etc through various activities like event organizations, paper presentation at various conferences, participation in winter and summer schools, undergoing internships etc.

In this regard the department is committed to inspire students to become an excellent professional, researcher and more important a well human beings.