Department of Physics

Programmes under Physics Department

    • Bachelor of Science in Physics (B.Sc - Physics)
    • Master of Science in Physics (M.Sc - Physics)

      Physics department aims to be one of the best in the India by conducting advance research, quality teaching and developing the careers of the next generation physicists.

      The departmental laboratories are well equipped. The division runs three courses: undergraduate, post graduate and Ph.D. Students can spend their one full semester in final year working full-time on a project with some of the leading researchers in the National and International Research Laboratories, Institutes or Industries. The conceptual learning is provided through active learning laboratory.

      Program Content

      Core Courses

        • Mathematical Physics
        • Research Methodology
        • Mechanics
        • Classical Mechanics, Atomic and Molecular Physics
        • Nanoscience
        • Nuclear and Particle Physics
        • Experimental Techniques
        • Computational Methods and Programming
        • Statistical Mechanics
        • Electrodynamics

        Elective Courses

      • Functional Nanomaterials
      • Carbon based Nanomaterials
      • Applications of Nanotechnology
    • Ph. D. in Physics