Department of Design


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • PEO1 : The graduates will be able to design the product, process and services as per the needs of the costumers considering the aesthetics, ergonomics and sustainability
  • PEO2 : The graduates will be able to work in multidisciplinary team.
  • PEO3 : The graduates will be able to communicate the design effectively
Program Outcomes (POs)
  • PO-01: apply the basic knowledge of mathematics and principles of science and engineering.
  • PO-02: apply the core knowledge of design, materials and tools to design solutions to satisfy the customer needs.
  • PO-03: design a component or product considering all the standards, constraints related to the public health, culture, society and environment.
  • PO-04: design and conduct the experiments, analyze and interpret the data.
  • PO-05: update new skills and apply the moderns tools.
  • PO-06: apply problem solving skills in design considering social issues.
  • PO-07: design the solutions for sustainability addressing the social and environmental issues.
  • PO-08: design the solutions with professional and ethical responsibility.
  • PO-09: work effectively as an individual, as a team member and a group leader in multidisciplinary team with cross cultural competency.
  • PO-10: communicate the designs effectively and professionally
  • PO-11: exhibit the leading abilities and considerations of project and finance management
  • PO-12: exhibit the lifelong learning ability in acquiring the advanced knowledge and usage of modern tools