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    Dr. Anand D. Sawant Associate Professor in chemistry and Dean research (R& D Cell)

    Our groupís research interests are divided into three projects that broadly address four (3, 7, 12, 13) UNSDGs. Project Green includes, Ionic Liquid (IL) catalyzed selective organic transformations. In our project Energy we are focusing on preparing functionalized molecules that can give tools to control morphology of materials for energy applications. Project Earth deals with use of natural molecules for biological applications and conversion of biomass (agri- waste to valuable products).


    Dr. Sambhaji M. Pawar Associate Professor in Physics and Associate Dean Research-Grants

    My current research interests include synthesis of Nano-materials for advanced energy conversion and storage devices i.e. CIGS and CZTS thin film solar cells, Electrocatalysis for Hydrogen (H2) fuel generation, Electrochemical CO2 reduction, supercapacitors, Li-ion and Na-ion batteries.


    Dr. Pallavi D. Bhange Associate Professor in Chemistry and Associate Dean Research-Publications

    My current research interests include synthesis of heterogeneous catalyst for various organic transformations and synthesis of nano-materials or solid state materials for Hydrogen (H2) generation and photocatalysis


    Dr. Sanjeevkumar V. Khandal Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean Research-PhD Program

    My research interest include alternate fuels production and their utilization for IC Engine application, Refrigeration, Solar Energy and Heat Pipe


    Dr. Balaji K.Assistant Professor in Aeronautical Engineering and Associate Dean Research-IPR

    My current research interests include the Active and Passive methods of boundary layer control over a wing. Also, some projects are going on in Drone and Materials